Aims and Scope

The KJEB is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes research findings and research reviews in the field of environmental biology dealing with the interaction between organisms and the environment, and the response of organisms to changing environments, accordingly. The KJEB aims to provide an academic forum for sharing and discussing research findings and ideas in environmental biology, thereby providing a scientific basis for solving socioenvironmental challenges and ensuring and improving the sustainability of the ecosystem. To achieve this goal, the KJEB publishes papers that can contribute to the scientific understanding of environmental biology, including basic research that provides valuable datasets for the community, case studies with specific and detailed research objectives and content, and applied research with novel findings from systematically solid experimentations. The submission of papers that can contribute to promoting and advancing environmental biology research, including new research methodologies, advanced techniques for analyzing environmental and biological samples, and ecosystem assessment and management, are also welcome.

The KJEB is a local journal that seeks to scientifically resolve biological and environmental issues in Korea based on understanding the environment, ecosystem, and organisms there. However, the scope of the KJEB is not limited to a specific biome, scale, region, or country. Any study dealing with the interaction of organisms with the environment, regardless of the system and scale, can be considered for publication in the KJEB. All research containing scientific findings that reveal new facts or advance existing knowledge on the interface between an organism and its environment falls under the scope of the KJEB. Nevertheless, fragmentary studies in the field of biology or environmental science that do not include the interaction of organisms with the environment are not considered for publication.

Vol. 40 No. 4 (2022.12)

Journal Abbreviation 'Korean J. Environ. Biol.'
Frequency quarterly
Doi Prefix 10.11626/KJEB.
Year of Launching 1983
Publisher Korean Society of Environmental Biology
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Any inquiries concerning Journal (all manuscripts, reviews, and notes) should be addressed to the managing editor of the Korean Society of Environmental Biology. Yongeun Kim,
Korea University, Seoul 02841, Korea.
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